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Do you need mobility aids for someone elderly at home? Tribeca Store can help.


Old age has always been vulnerable to mobility issues! Be it owing to general weakness or ailments like acute arthritis, elders face continuous issues with moving around. Different patients have different requirements and with various comfort levels. They need specialized care and treatment. Usually, the generic medical stores lack product variants of crutches or wheelchairs with customers having to buy from the limited options. This is where Tribeca Store steps in and offers you with a unique advantage.


As specialized service provider of elder care, Tribeca Store provides multiple variants of one product. It is a one stop solution that assembles the best mobility aids under one roof. In case, of a wheelchair, customers can select either a Karma Active Wheelchair AT20 or Karma Active Wheelchair AT60 or in case of a wheel chair a Karma Crutch (Pair) CH-10 or Karma Crutch (Pair) CH-11P. We have tied up with the best brands in medical and mobility aids and provide advanced products for you to buy online. Our return policies are simple and our product prices affordable.