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Tribeca Store provides you medical equipment rental solutions. Be it a wheelchair or an infusion pump, you can visit our website and have your requirements fulfilled.”/> Do you want to rent medical equipment for an elder at home for a temporary basis? We at Tribeca Store can help you! Our elder care need utmost care in order to recuperate in a healthy way. For this you sometimes would be requiring medical devices such as a wheelchair or oxygen concentrator, but for a short span of time. Hence, buying a device is not the smartest way out, as once the requirement is fulfilled the device becomes of no use and occupies extra space in your room, which could have been used for other useful purpose. This is where Tribeca Store comes into use.


We help you with our medical equipment rental solutions. At our estore, we showcase a variety of medical equipments starting from the infusion pump, manual wheelchair, oxygen concentrator to the fowler bed and allow you to browse through and choose the one that you would want to rent out for a specific span of time. Our rental charges are reasonable and vary, depending on the equipment as well as on the time period for which you will be renting it. The selection can be made online and soon our professionals will touch base with you to carry out the rental formalities. For any enquiry on rental services you can contact us through our email.